Call Duration Full 1.0.6


Call Duration Full offers the opportunity to display the duration of every call after its termination. In HTC Sense, for example, this feature isn't included. With Call Duration Full you can equip your smartphone with this feature.
Additionally, you can personalize the notification in the settings, like setting own colors and corner radius.
In the full version you can also show optional the costs of the call in addition to the duration.

Once it's set-upped, Call Duration Full waits for calls, energy-savingly, in the background.

The permission "read contact data" is needed to read out the duration of the latest call.
The permission "read phone state and identity" is used for detecting the phone calls termination.

The Call Duration lite version is also available at the market. It's with ads and needs therefore more permissions (full internet access). Also you can't enable the costs of call notification.

Last Updated:2011-09-18 17:55:08
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OS:Android 1.6 and up